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STP Viewer - Frequently Asked Questions
Installation FAQs
Q: I have received an error message when installing an STP viewer. How can I install the program completely?
A: If you have downloaded a product from our website, please make sure that you have downloaded the file completely. You can check if the download was complete by comparing the downloaded file size with the correct file size described on the download Web page. If the file sizes are the same, make sure that you have downloaded the proper version of the software that must meet your OS requirements. Also, check if your computer meets the product requirements described on the product Web page. If you are still experiencing problems with product installation, please, report to our Support Service support@ideamk.com.
Downloading FAQs
Q: How do I find the Downloadable software?
A: All downloads are available at the main Download section.
Q: Why should I register on your website before downloading?
A: STP Viewer is totally free and don’t required any registration.
Q: How long does a typical download take?
A: There are all types of data connections available, and the speed of the download depends not only on the size of the download, but also on the type of Internet connection you have and the volume of Internet (or local) data traffic.
STP Viewer FAQs
Q: How to use STP Viewer?
A: STP Viewer is easy for use and have a very user friendly interface. It can be used from begginers and non-technical users without any problems. After opening the stl file, on the main window you will see 3D model. In the toolbar there are various options that will help you to "play" with 3D model. For more informations about how to use, you can visit our Tutorialsection and learn more about STP Viewer features.
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